Get To Know More About Camiguin

Camiguin, or also known as the “The Island Born of Fire”, is  a pear-shaped volcanic island that nested in Northern Mindanao particularly seated in the Bohol Sea. The province is famous for its beautiful landscape, water attractions, historical and cultural background, and the famous sweet lanzones.



The island is blessed by so many tourist attractions that allured tourists around the globe. You can go around the island by just one day by riding a common transportation. If you happen to love water,  you can enjoy many water attractions like hot spring, falls, cold spring, beaches, and many more. If you love to go sightseeing, you can enjoy some historical places like Old Bonbon Church Ruins, Sunken Cemetery, Spanish-era watchtower, Mount Hibok-hibok, and many more.


Camiguin Island is colored by the traditions and festivals that made the island alive and attracted by the tourists. The water attractions are a great addition to the list which made the island more famous around the world. The well-known festival in Camiguin is the Lanzones Festival which held in the month of October every year. The festival is said to celebrate the bounty harvest of Lanzones fruit which is shared to the whole country.