The Wonders of Camiguin Island

The Wonders of Camiguin Island

As of 2018, the Philippines now have a number of 7,641 islands and counting. Discovering new locations means that the locals and foreigners’ will now have more choices for their favorite vacation destination. But since there are thousands of islands that are yet to be discovered, why not go first to the existing ones that you’ve never been to?

One of the crowd favorite islands in the Philippines is definitely Camiguin. Despite being the second smallest island next to Batanes, the place has a lot in store for the tourists and the locals as well.

Camiguin showcases some bodies of water such as hot and cold springs, waterfalls and also beaches. It is surrounded by seven volcanoes and scenic mountains which can offer the ultimate close-to-nature getaway that you always wanted to have. To make it more appealing, the island is not that crowded compared to the popular ones such as Boracay and Palawan. So, if you are looking for a place where you can have your peace of mind while enjoying the majestic view of nature, Camiguin should be your choice.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to do a lot of activities in this island, then you’re definitely mistaken!

You can go snorkeling in White Island or Mantigue Island. If you’re looking for the perfect activity to encounter some sea creatures while getting your perfect tan, this activity should be rated as number one on your list. The ideal time for doing this would be from sunrise to 9 am. The white island bar costs only P20 per head!

Or maybe take the most challenging shower at Katibawasan Falls. It is a 250-feet tall waterfall surrounded by ferns and flowers which can give you a relaxing time while you bathe in the clean and cold water. Note that this is only 5 km southeast of Mambajao – very accessible!

Just imagine the feeling of getting a nice massage while you stand below the falls!

Also, you can get a warm soak in Ardent Hot Spring. A hot bath is ideal for people who get muscle aches every now and then. This hot spring’s water comes from Mt. Hibok Hibok – which remains dormant, and the water can get up to the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. You will only be required to pay a small fee of P30 for the maintenance of the place and you’re good to go.

The list goes on and on. There’s just too plenty of things to do in Camiguin that will make you come back! To further convince you, the locals are also generally friendly and they are not like other guides who scam the tourists and try to get money from them. If anything, they are more concerned of keeping the island clean and peaceful. The place is also pretty accessible as you can get there by air if you’re from Manila or Cebu. While, if you’re from Cagayan and Bohol, you may take the ferry instead.

Camiguin Island may be small, but it is definitely a tough competitor to the bigger ones!

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